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Anytime Korean is an interactive and engaging textbook series. It provides powerful practices for quickly acquiring listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Korean through carefully designed systematic learning steps grounded in pedagogic research that is proven most effective.
Anytime Korean Intermediate 1 aims to build on the foundation of Korean gained in Anytime Korean Beginning 1 and 2. It includes high-frequency vocabulary, common sentence patterns, and speakers' daily communication skills. It emphasizes the ability to apply the target expressions and associated functions in various encounters in life.

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Lesson 1. 이번에 새로 온 유학생이죠?(Are you the new international student?)
Lesson 2. 다들 어디로 견학 갔다 왔어?(Where did you all visit for the field trip?)
Lesson 3. 명절 풍습도 조금씩 달라지는군요. (Traditional holiday customs also gradually change.)
Lesson 4. 교통편은 뭐가 좋을까요?(What would be the best transportation?)
Lesson 5. 한국시리즈 경기 봤어?(Did you watch the Korean series game?)
Lesson 6. 드라마 때문에 밤을 새웠다고?(Did you say you stay up all night watching a drama?)
Lesson 7. 인터넷으로 집 알아보고 있었어요. (I was searching for a house on the internet.)
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English translation (of VIII. Reading)
Appendix I: Vocabulary index (Korean - English)
Vocabulary index (English - Korean)
Appendix II: Words and expressions (organized by lesson)
Appendix III: Grammar (organized by lesson)
Appendix Ⅳ: Speech levels, styles, and types
Appendix Ⅴ: Irregular verbs and adjectives
Appendix Ⅵ: Noun-modifying forms
Appendix VII: Reported speech constructions