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Anytime Korean is an interactive and engaging textbook series. It provides powerful practices for quickly acquiring listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Korean through carefully designed systematic learning steps grounded in pedagogic research that is proven most effective.
In our program, learners can practice Korean via various platforms, including print, website, and mobile app devices. The series and the accompanying audios, videos, and mobile application help learners build hands-on communication skills in Korean through an integrated practice of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
Anytime Korean Intermediate 2 aims to build on the foundation of Korean gained in Anytime Korean Beginning 1 & 2 and Intermediate 1. It includes high-frequency vocabulary, common sentence patterns, and speakers’ daily communication skills. It emphasizes the ability to apply the target expressions and associated functions in various encounters in life.

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Lesson 8. 몸살이 난 모양이야.(My body seems to ache all over.)
Lesson 9. 아르바이트 면접 보러 왔는데요.(I am here for an interview for the part-time job.)
Lesson 10. 벌써 집들이 하려고?(Are you already planning a housewarming party?)
Lesson 11. 요가 해 보신 적 있으세요?(Have you ever tried yoga?)
Lesson 12. 학교 등산 동아리에 가입했다면서?(I heard that you joined the school’s hiking club, is it true?)
Lesson 13. 친구들이랑 가족들 줄 선물 샀니?(Did you buy gifts for your friends and family?)
Lesson 14. 교수님께 추천서를 좀 부탁드려도 될까요?(May I ask you to write a letter of
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Listening scripts (of I, II, IV, VII)
Conversation samples, English translation (of V. Guided Conversation)
English translation (of VIII. Reading)
Appendix I: Vocabulary index (Korean - English)
Vocabulary index (English - Korean)
Appendix II: Words and expressions (organized by lesson)
Appendix III: Grammar (organized by lesson)
Appendix Ⅳ: Speech levels, styles, and types
Appendix Ⅴ: Irregular verbs and adjectives
Appendix Ⅵ: Noun-modifying forms
Appendix VII: Reported speech constructions